Aug. 13: Requirement to watch campus public health videos

Hello, New and Returning Students

We are so excited to welcome everyone back into the Bates community in under two weeks. Whether you are studying remotely or in person, we can’t wait to see you! 

We are writing to you about a set of Campus Public Health video modules that you must complete if you plan to return to campus for the fall. Students, faculty, and staff were all involved in the creation of these videos, and you may see some familiar faces along the way: friends, professors, and advisors.

Key Takeaway: If you plan to return to campus for the fall, you must watch a set of Campus Public Health video modules.

The goal of these modules is to help create a common foundation for our understanding of the coronavirus, transmission-reduction strategies, and testing as a community.  You will hear about specific topics such as:

  • An introduction to coronavirus
  • Signs and symptoms of coronavirus
  • Further details on campus arrival
  • Testing during the semester
  • Face coverings and masking
  • Hand hygiene
  • Reducing person-to-person transmission
  • Code of Conduct as it Relates to COVID-19

The video modules take about 90 minutes in total, so please set aside the time to complete them. The content is extremely important to keep ourselves and each other safe throughout the semester. 

You may complete them all in one sitting or space them out across a couple days — whatever works best for you! Each video has a couple of quiz questions that pop up throughout the video, so expect to answer these while completing the modules as well.  

If you are studying remotely, we welcome you to watch them as well.

To access the Campus Public Health module, please visit Lyceum linked here. Then in your “Course Overview” section, click on “Campus Public Health.”  You should now be into the modules, and we ask that you complete the modules in sequence; “introduction” before “module 1” then move on to “module 2” etc.  

If you have any questions about the Campus Public Health modules, feel free to email

Please stay safe in your travels to Bates, and pay special attention to the transmission reduction strategies while traveling within the arrival video.

See you soon!


Abigail Alfred
Manager of Outreach and Support Services

Created by Health Services in partnership with Residence Life and Health Education, Sports Medicine, and campus community members.