Back to Bates: Family Day Reminders and Masking Update

Dear Students,

It has been nice to see so many of you out and about on campus over the past few weeks. I hope your classes are going well and that you are enjoying your co-curricular activities.

The weather forecast indicates that we should have a dry and crisp Friday and Saturday, which should make our many outdoor activities more enjoyable for Back to Bates: Family Day. Registration for this event closed at noon yesterday, Wednesday, so if you have family coming who have not yet registered, please remind them to reach out to

With a number of guests and family members coming to campus this weekend, I want to pass along the information we have shared with all families so that you are aware of the expectations we have this weekend related to COVID-19 protocols. While all activities will be outdoors and family members are not permitted to enter any buildings on campus (except the College Store and Chase Hall and Merrill Gym to use the restrooms), we are expecting increased density in some outdoor locations. With this in mind, all students and visitors are expected to wear a mask at the following outdoor locations and events:

  • Family Check-in Center (outside Coram Library)
  • Garcelon Field stands during the football game
  • All ticketed programs under the tents
  • Waiting in serving lines during meals

For those of you who may be going to off campus locations with family members, please remember to wear your mask at all times while indoors, except for when seated and eating. 

As a reminder, we continue to mask in all indoor spaces, except when seated and eating in Commons, in the residence halls, or in private spaces by oneself.

I look forward to seeing you around campus on Saturday.

All my best,

Joshua McIntosh
Vice President for Campus Life