COVID-19 Cases

Provided below is information about the number of active COVID-19 cases in the campus community, baseline testing results, and new daily cases. This webpage is updated each Wednesday and Friday, following the two days of large-scale testing on campus, which occurs each Tuesday and Thursday.

Date Webpage Last Updated: Saturday, September 25

Current Active Cases

StudentsSeptember 253 cases
EmployeesSeptember 253 cases

Baseline Testing

EmployeesAugust 23 & 240 positives
Students Round #1August 318 positives
Students Round #2September 20 positives
Students Round #3September 9 0 positives

New Daily Cases

Saturday, September 2500
Friday, September 2401
Thursday, September 2310
Wednesday, September 2202
Tuesday, September 2110
Monday, September 2000
Sunday, September 1900
Saturday, September 1800
Friday, September 1700
Thursday, September 1600
Wednesday, September 15 10
Tuesday, September 1400
Monday, September 1300