STEM Travel Grants Reimbursement Guidelines

Keep track of your expenses and save your receipts! Remember:  No Receipts, No Money! Reimbursements are made AFTER travel!

You are required to complete a Travel Expense Report that includes the following:  the meeting name and location, the dates of your departure and return, an itemized daily list of your reimbursable expenses (ground transportation, meals and tips, admission charges, published abstracts, etc.), travel itinerary, and conference schedule/brochure.


 1.  Air travel. For assistance in making travel arrangements, you make your own arrangement or contact Alison Keegan in the Dean of the Faculty’s office ( about making arrangements to secure a ticket through the dean’s office. When requesting reimbursement for air travel, the original airline ticket receipt must be provided and/or electronic payment receipt plus all boarding passes.

 2.  Registration/Abstract Fees. Your grant will cover the cost of conference registration, special events (like banquets), and abstract submission fees.

 3.  Receipts. You must save all your receipts. If the receipt does not show what was purchased, then each item needs to be indicated on the receipts with the corresponding amount. A credit card receipt with just the total is not acceptable; the receipt must show the actual expenses of what was bought.  Also, a credit card statement is not considered a receipt unless the particular item is indicated on the statement.

 4.  Shared Expenses.  If you share your travel by car, your room, or other conference expenses with another student or a faculty member, only the person submitting the original receipt will be reimbursed – you will have to settle the bill among yourselves.  These receipts that cover more than one person’s expenses must indicate the names of the people involved in these expenses and the amount that each person was responsible for.  If you share expenses, no reimbursements will be processed until all members have turned in their receipts.

5. Meals.  The grant reimburses you up to but not exceeding $30.00/day for meals, for which you must submit receipts.  NOTE:  The College will not reimburse you for any liquor expenses.

 6. Travel by Car.  If you drive to your meeting in your car, you will be reimbursed at $0.545/mile. A MapQuest printout needs to be submitted for verification of mileage (   If you travel with another person, the owner of the car will be reimbursed.

7.  Reimbursement.
  At the end of your trip, submit your original receipts and Travel Expense Form ( to Alison Keegan in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty (121 Lane Hall) for reimbursement.