Travel and Expense Report

Completed Travel and Expense Reports should be submitted to Accounts Payable electronically through Adobe Sign and must include the payee’s electronic signature and the approver’s name and email address in order to route for approval by the appropriate Department Head, Dean or Vice President.

Disbursements to students, faculty and staff are processed weekly through direct deposit and you will receive an email sent to your Bates email address notifying you of the deposit.


Step 1:  Complete Travel and Expense Report:

Step 2:  Save Travel and Expense Report and all receipts to pdf.

Step 3:  Complete Adobe Sign Travel and Expense Approval Cover Sheet and attach Travel and Expense Report and receipts pdf.

Step 4:  Include the approver’s email address in the cover sheet for electronic routing.  All travel reimbursement must be routed to the appropriate Department Head, Dean, or Vice President for approval.