Best Practices for Keys and Master Keys

Bates College Campus Safety and Facility Services work together to maintain an access control system that supports the safety of Bates community members, facilities, property, assets and information. All College community members share in this responsibility and need to take steps to enhance safety and security on campus.

  • Keys must be kept secure at all times. 
  • Keys shall not be left unattended or accessible to unauthorized individuals. 
  • Lost and stolen keys must be reported immediately.
  • Keys need to be returned upon termination of employment or if the key is no longer needed to fulfill job responsibilities.  
  • Don’t duplicate keys.
  • Don’t unlock doors to unauthorized persons.
  • Don’t give your key to someone else.  

Master Keys

  • Supervisors and their employees are collectively responsible to secure master keys. 
  • Supervisors need to establish and communicate clear policies to ensure that master keys are secure. 
  • Supervisors are responsible for communicating the risks associated with carrying master keys.
  • Don’t give your master key to anybody, including other Bates employees, colleagues, and students.  
  • Consider adding a bluetooth tracker (e.g. Airtag or Tile) to your key ring. 
  • Unless employees job responsibilities require otherwise,
    • Don’t request master keys 
    • Don’t take master keys home 
    • Leave master keys at a secure location at Bates, e.g. in your locked office, in a locked desk drawer