Bobcat Chat: Athletics Edition, Episode 2

Interested in athletics? Join coaches and student athletes for a conversation around our leagues, competing at Bates, and managing academics and athletics.

Johie Seltzer ’03, Senior Associate Dean of Admission and former Bobcat athlete, led a conversation and Q&A on all things athletic at Bates College. She was joined by Jon Martin, Head Men’s Baseball Coach; Dani Ryder, Head Women’s Field Hockey Coach; Christopher Barker ’21, a member of both the Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams; and Aidan Temperino ’23, a co-captain of the Men’s Crew Team. The panel discussed the recruitment process, the student-athlete experience, finding a balance, and more!

Johanna Farrar Seltzer ‘03, Senior Associate Dean and Director of Special Projects
Nicole Villacrés-Reyes, Assistant Dean of Admission
Christopher Barker ‘21, Cross Country and Track and Field
Aidan Temperino ‘21, Rowing
Jon Martin, Head Coach, Baseball
Dani Ryder, Head Coach, Field Hockey

Recruitment Process: 8:50
What do coaches look for in prospective athletes?: 11:15
Is there a social divide between non-athletes and athletes?: 17:50
What does the season look like?: 24:00
Preread Process: 29:00
Multi-sport Athlete: 36:30
Athletics Culture: 41:00
Team Culture: 47:50