Frequently Asked Questions

Application Deadline

Do all supporting credentials have to be in by January 1? (Recommendations, Transcripts, etc.)
All supporting credentials should be submitted by January 1. If this is not possible, please make sure all materials are in as soon as possible so that we can fully consider your application.  You can check what is missing from your file from your Application Status Page.  Please know that during our busiest application processing times, it can take up to two weeks for materials to be entered and reflected in your portal.  Thank you for your patience.

What if a recent natural disaster or widespread school closures in my area has affected my ability to submit my application before the deadline?
For relevant information about application deadlines, financial aid, fee waivers, and testing, please see our message for students and educators affected by widespread school closures.

What happens if I have trouble submitting my application by the deadline?
If you experience technical difficulties in submitting your application to Bates, please contact the Common Application or Coalition Application directly.  For any other issues, email as well as your regional admission officer communicating your intent to apply as well as a description of your difficulties. Each concern will be dealt with on an individual basis. For those affected by recent natural disasters, please see our policy regarding deadline extensions.

Applicant Status Page

How do I check the status of my application?
Applicants can see the status of their application materials, including the final admission decision, by logging into their Application Status Page.  Please know that during our busiest application processing times, it can take up to two weeks for materials to be entered and reflected in your portal.  Thank you for your patience.

I’m having trouble logging into my Application Status page. What do I do?
If you are experiencing trouble logging into your Application Status Page, please email communicating your issue. You can reset your password from the login page.

I submitted documents that are not showing up as received on my checklist. What should I do?
Our office takes approximately two weeks to process and satisfy all submitted application materials—including submitted test scores. After two weeks if you still do not see your documents showing up as received on your checklist, please reach out to your regional admission officer for additional assistance.


Should I submit my test scores?
Bates has been test optional since 1984, and maintains that testing is not reflective of each applicant’s future success at Bates. We firmly believe in our policy and respect each student’s choice regarding the submission of test scores.  The middle 50% of those who submitted testing last year can be found here.

I haven’t received scores from the testing agency yet, but I’d like them to be considered in my application. Will this impact my application?
Application files will be reviewed through the next few months, so the sooner you can get your scores to us the better. That being said, we will make sure to update your file with your scores even if they come in after the application deadline. In addition to official test scores, we accept self-reported scores. Further details on score submission can be found here. As a reminder, Bates is a test optional school, so scores are not required!

Submitting test scores is a financial hardship for me. What can I do?
Bates will accept both official and self-reported test scores, the later of which can be sent at no cost to you. Further details on score submission can be found here.

Additional Materials

How can I submit an arts portfolio? Does my arts portfolio have to be complete for me to submit my application?
Your arts portfolio does not need to be complete in order to submit to your application to Bates. In fact, supplementary materials can be uploaded after submitting your application to Bates and receiving a PIN (via email) for online access to your Application Status Page. For more detailed guidelines as to the submission of each of these supplements, please visit here.
Students will be able to submit arts supplements after August 1, and up until the following dates:
Early Decision I: November 15, 2020
Early Decision II: January 1, 2021
Regular Decision: January 1, 2021
Transfer Applicants: March 1, 2021

I have additional documents (recommendations, etc.) that I’d like to be considered with my application. What should I do with these?
Applicants who would like to submit additional information should email their documents to Please keep in mind that official school documents (i.e. transcripts, mid-year grade reports, etc.) must be submitted directly from the applicant’s guidance counselor/school.

I have not heard back about my requested Alumni Interview.
Alumni interviewers will be in touch as they become available in your area. Due to the high number of requests for alumni interviews, we cannot guarantee an Alumni Interview. Please know that personal interviews are not required, and your application will receive full consideration for admission.

Financial Aid

I need to change my financial aid status. What do I do?
If you would like to change your financial aid status, please email communicating your desire to change your financial aid status. For those applying for financial aid, please find financial aid requirements here.

When will I hear back about my financial aid package?
Admitted students will receive their financial aid award letter with their letter of admission.

Paying the application fee is a hardship for me. What can I do?
Eligible students can obtain and submit a fee waiver from the Common Application, Coalition Application, ACT, College Board, or NACAC.  Because the Common Application and the College Board offer a limited number of fee waivers per student, applicants are also able to ask a third party, such as a school counselor, to write on their behalf to request that the application fee be waived.  If the applicant chooses to ask a third party to write on their behalf, the applicant should select the last option on the Common App Fee Waiver list: “I can provide a supporting statement from a school official, college access counselor, financial aid officer, or community leader.” Additional eligibility guidelines for use of this waiver can be found here.

The application fee is automatically waived for non-U.S. citizens applying to Bates for either first-year or transfer admission. No requests for fee waivers or additional financial documents are needed.

Admission Decision

Where can I see my admission decision?
You can view your final decision by logging into your Application Status Page.

I have been admitted to Bates. How do I make my enrollment deposit?
You can submit your enrollment deposit through your Application Status Page. You can also mail your enrollment deposit to Lindholm House at: 23 Campus Avenue, Lewiston, ME 04240. 

Paying the enrollment deposit is a hardship for me. What can I do?
If you have any concerns about paying your enrollment deposit, please email Jared Rivers at

How to Connect

I have some questions that are very specific to me and my application. Who should I reach out to?
If you have questions that are specific to you and your application to Bates, please contact either your regional admission officer or the Office of Admission at 207.786.6000 or

I’d like to schedule a visit. How can I do this?
Any prospective student can register for an official campus tour, admission and financial aid information session, and on-campus interview through our website

I’d like to get to know the school better but am unable to visit. What can I do?
If you are unable to visit campus, we encourage you to get to know the Bates community through our virtual tour and exploring our viewbook. You can also request an alumni interview in your area.