International Applicants

Bates welcomes students with a variety international backgrounds and experiences to apply. Non-U.S. citizens, dual citizens and permanent residents with the United States, and Americans studying abroad for secondary school all contribute to the dynamic global community at Bates. In total, over 80 countries are represented among the Bates student body.

Application procedures for Bates, as well as other American colleges, are quite different from those in many other countries. To gain familiarity with the terminology and basic procedures, consider exploring EduPass, which offers information on everything from cultural differences to English-proficiency exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies as an international student during the admissions process at Bates?
An international student at Bates is defined as a non-U.S. citizen whose immigration status requires a visa to be in the United States.

I am a U.S. citizen but I live outside of the country. Am I considered an international student?
Your application is reviewed by where you attend school currently so your candidacy will be reviewed by a member of our international Admission Committee. For financial aid, you are considered domestic due to your U.S. citizenship. You are a student with an international background.

Who is required to submit an English-proficiency test?
If English is neither the native language nor the primary language of secondary school instruction for four years, then results of an English-proficiency test like the TOEFL or IELTS are required.

Is standardized testing optional for international students?
Yes, the submission of standardized testing (SAT, SAT Subject Tests and ACT) is optional for all students applying to Bates. Your application will receive full consideration for admission whether or not you choose to submit your standardized testing.

Can I submit a certified-true copy of my standardized test scores, or do they have to be sent directly from the testing service?
If submission of your official standardized testing presents a financial burden for you and your family, your secondary school official can submit a certified-true copy of the original test report with the secondary school report. If you are admitted to and enroll at Bates, then official score reports must be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service or the College Board.  The institutional code for Bates is 3076.

How much is the application fee to apply to Bates?
The U.S. $60 application fee is automatically waived for non-U.S. citizens applying to Bates for first-year admission – no requests for fee waivers or additional financial documents are needed.

Non-U.S. citizens applying for financial aid and seeking transfer admission are eligible for a fee waiver. To receive a fee waiver code, please email Margaret Galligan-Schmoll at

Does Bates offer interviews to international students?
It is rare for applicants outside of the U.S. to have a personal interview as part of the admissions process. Bates offers interviews to students during their final year of secondary school. If you will have the opportunity to visit campus, you are welcome to request a personal interview online. If you are unable to visit campus, you may request an alumni interview, although there might not be any trained interviewers in your area.

Does Bates accept interviews conducted through InitialView?
Yes. InitialView includes an interview and writing sample. Please list Bates as a recipient for your interview and designate a star if Bates is a top choice college for you.

Does Bates offer virtual interviews?
If the Admissions Committee has questions regarding your candidacy after reviewing your application, a member of our staff may contact you to schedule a virtual interview through Zoom.

Does Bates offer need-based financial aid to international students?
Yes. Bates meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for admitted students. Your financial aid package will consist of scholarship grants and on-campus employment. Bates’ financial aid packages for non-U.S. citizens students do not include loans.

What financial forms and documents do I need to submit?
Non-U.S. citizens are required to submit either the College Board’s Certification of Finances if not applying for financial aid; or, if applying for need-based aid, the International Student Financial Aid Application, which is free of charge.

How should I submit the financial aid documents?
Your Certification of Finances or International Student Financial Aid Application may be uploaded to your Applicant Status Page.

As a non-U.S. citizen, can I apply for financial aid after being admitted to Bates?
No. The intent to apply for need-based financial aid must be indicated prior to the release of your admission decision.

Is Bates College need-aware?
Yes. This means that, on occasion, a student’s financial need may impact their application decision. Bates has a generous but limited pool of financial aid for non-U.S. students.

Does Bates offer merit-based scholarships?
No. Bates is committed to providing educational access for all students so our financial aid is need based. Bates meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for admitted students who qualify for aid, regardless of citizenship status.

I am a dual citizen of the United States, do I need to submit financial forms for non-U.S. citizens?
No, if you are applying for financial aid, dual citizens with the U.S. will submit the FAFSA and the CSS Profile.

Would my financial aid package be better if I applied Early or Regular Decision?
Your financial aid package will be the same whether you are admitted to Bates through either round of Early or Regular Decision.

Is Bates a Davis-partner college?
Yes! If you attend one of the United World Colleges, you are eligible for U.S. $10,000 per year towards your need-based financial aid from the Davis Foundation .

Can I contact a current Bates student?
You are welcome to Ask a Bates Student. Due to privacy, the Office of Admission cannot provide contact information for additional Bates students without prior approval.

What if a recent natural disaster in my area has affected my ability to submit my application before the deadline?
For relevant information about application deadlines, financial aid, and testing, please see our message for students and educators affected by recent natural disasters.