Ask a Student

Admission Senior Fellows

Meet this year’s cohort of Senior Fellows, students who work in the Office of Admission throughout the school year and provide on campus interviews, co-host admission and financial aid information sessions, and support the office in all of its initiatives. They’re eager to meet you and answer your questions, so please do not hesitate to reach out to them if you have a question about life at Bates! To get in touch, just email

Ross Ackerman
High School/Hometown: Briarwood School; Houston, TX
Majors/Minors/GECs: Biology (Major), Education (Minor), Field Studies of Natural Sciences (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: ARC Peer Assisted Learning Leader, Helicase Biology Club, Chase Hall Programming Board, Teacher Aid in Lewiston
Why did you choose Bates?: I fell in love with Bates when I visited for the fall open house. Although the campus was beautiful, it was the students that attracted me. Everyone I talked to was excited to answer my questions and they all seemed so kind and accepting. With the positive atmosphere the students and professors provided, I knew I could pursue my academic goals in Bates’s collaborative educational environment.

Zack Campbell
School/Hometown: The Lawrenceville School; Brooklyn, NY
Majors/Minors/GECs: Math (Major), Asian Studies & Religious Studies (Double Minor)
Activities/Involvement: Track and Field, Resident Coordinator Team Leader, Math and Statistics Workshop Tutor
Why did you choose Bates?: 
When I came for my overnight, everyone was so welcoming and nice that I didn’t feel out of place for even a second. I knew I didn’t need to make any more visits because Bates was the school for me.

Zach Collester
School/Hometown: Central Bucks High School East; Doylestown, PA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Neuroscience (Major), The Human Body & Sound (Double GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Swim Team, Crosstones (President), English teacher at Refugee Center
Why did you choose Bates?: 
I chose Bates not only because of the people that I met during the college process, but also because of how Bates students engage with the greater Lewiston and Auburn communities. During my overnight, I immediately felt a strong sense of community among students and professors alike, and I was astounded to learn about all the opportunities to get off campus and make an impact in Lewiston. I realized that Bates students are curious, passionate, and civically engaged, and I was so excited to join a group of such interesting people.

Trevor Fry
School/Hometown: Groton School; Groton, MA
Majors/Minors/GECs: French and Francophone Studies and Politics (Double Major), Considering Africa (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Rowing Team (Captain), Manic Optimists, Student Advisory Committee, Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project volunteer translator
Why did you choose Bates?: 
I chose Bates because of the people I met on my overnight with the rowing team. Throughout my 24 hrs on campus, I met people who were excited about their academics, but also people who were kind and compassionate and took time out of their day to get to know a senior in high school who was simply visiting. I was also intrigued by the senior thesis project, and drawn to the idea of completing a Bates education by writing a final, intense piece of academic work while working closely with an academic adviser.

Olivia Gilbert
School/Hometown: Leavitt Area High School; Turner, ME
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics (Major), Rhetoric (Minor), Film and Media Studies (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Maine People’s Alliance, Rhetoric Teaching Assistant, Lewiston Middle School volunteer
Why did you choose Bates?: 
Bates is a community of genuine and curious people. I knew Bates was the best place for me from the passion that I felt every time I stepped foot on campus.

Xavier Hayden
High School/Hometown: Manhattan High School; Manhattan, KS
Majors/Minors/GECs: Mathematics (Major), Asian Studies (Minor), Theater Arts (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Crosstones (President), Math and Statistics Workshop Tutor, Theater Department Electrician and Carpenter, Robinson Players, Theater & Dance
Why did you choose Bates?:
The biggest thing about Bates that stood out to me was the authenticity of the students! I saw students doing what they loved, what they were truly passionate about, and that really resonated with me.

Alexandra Howard
School/Hometown: San Francisco University High School; San Francisco, CA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Biochemistry (Major), Physics (Minor), Public Health (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Chemistry Teaching Assistant, Lewiston High School volunteer
Why did you choose Bates?:
I fell in love with Bates on a rainy day in October – campus was in the middle of midterms and yet every student I met still had a smile on their face.The constant positive energy of the students makes campus a wonderful place to be each day!

Anna Kreitzer
School/Hometown: Ellsworth High School; Ellsworth, ME
Majors/Minors/GECs: Psychology (Major), Theater (Minor), The Human Body (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Residence Coordinator Team Leader, Statistics Teaching Assistant, Robinson Players
Why did you choose Bates?: 
I chose Bates because of the genuinely nice people I met on campus when I visited as a prospective student.

Ariel Lee
School/Hometown: Kent School; Aomori, Japan
Majors/Minors/GECs: Neuroscience (Major), Education (Minor)
Activities/Involvement: Rowing, Residencial Life Staff, Bates Christian Fellowship, 2.B.E.A.T.S
Why did you choose Bates?:
Lewiston is very unique and not like many other college towns. It reminds students that there is a world and a community outside of the college bubble, and that experience can be only gained through attending Bates. I knew that if I attend this college, I would become not just a better student, but also a more socially aware and engaged person.

Cassidy Martin
School/Hometown: Wilmington Friend’s School; Wilmington, DE
Majors/Minors/GECs: European Studies (Major), Spanish & Religious Studies (Double Minor)
Activities/Involvement: Volleyball, Bollywood Dance, She’s The First
Why did you choose Bates?:
I chose Bates because of the welcoming community where I immediately felt at home, as well as the amazing study abroad opportunities.

Ned Moreland
School/Hometown: St. Paul’s School; Monkton, MD
Majors/Minors/GECs: Japanese & Politics (Double Major), Globalization (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Bates Men’s Club Ice Hockey Team (Captain), Bobcat Ventures Leader
Why did you choose Bates?:
In high school, I had an opportunity to speak with Bates alumni and a current student at my school. Afterwards, I decided I would choose Bates because of the quality of people. When I think about why I love Bates, my first thoughts are the people I’ve had the privilege to interact with and learn from.

Chandler Ryan
School/Hometown: Emma Willard School; Delmar, NY
Majors/Minors/GECs: English & Studio Arts (Double Major), Race and Identity (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Outing Club, AESOP Coordinator, Post & Print employee, Feminist Collective, Bates Arts Society, Junior Adviser
Why did you choose Bates?:
I chose Bates because of the people! I sat in on an English class here as a senior in high school, and was blown away by how friendly, engaged, and respectful the students were. The people are still the reason I love it as a senior!

Afia Sekyere
School/Hometown: Pomfret School; Tampa, FL & Ghana
Majors/Minors/GECs: Rhetoric & French and Francophone Studies (Double Major)
Activities/Involvement: Africana Club (President), Adult Learning Tutor, Lewiston Middle School Volunteer
Why did you choose Bates?: 
I chose Bates because of the warm and friendly community. I remember walking around campus for the first time and being smiled at by professors and greeted by students and friendly staff members. Soon after, Bates became my first choice, and I decided to apply Early Decision.

Anna Setzer
School/Hometown: East Chapel Hill High School; Chapel Hill, NC
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics (Major), Spanish & Mathematics (Double Minor)
Activities/Involvement: ARC Peer Educator, Dinner Table Facilitator, Trustees’ Advisory Committee, Bates Fund Stewardship Intern, Bates Builds
Why did you choose Bates?:
I was attracted to Bates for its rigorous academics, friendly students, and small class sizes. When I met Bates’ students as a prospective student, they seemed hungry for knowledge and desired to further their learning beyond the walls of the classroom through community engagement and study abroad.

Jon Sheehan
School/Hometown: Bishop Guertin; Tyngsborough, MA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics (Major), Spanish & History (Double Minor)
Activities/Involvement: Cross Country, Track, Chair of Budget & Clubs Board, Post & Print Employee
Why did you choose Bates?: 
I chose Bates for its Purposeful Work initiative and its highly driven student atmosphere!

Claire Sullivan
School/Hometown: Montville Township High School; Montville, NJ
Majors/Minors/GECs: Rhetoric (Major), Spanish & Latin American Studies (Double Minor)
Activities/Involvement: Robinson Players (Artistic Director), Spanish Peer Writing and Speaking Assistant, Theater & Dance
Why did you choose Bates?: 
I chose Bates because of the passion that I could feel on campus. Everybody is so excited about the things they’re involved in!

Andrew Veilleux
School/Hometown: American School of Sao Paulo; Tarrytown, NY
Majors/Minors/GECs: History & European Studies (Double Major), Chinese Society and Culture (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Academic Resource Commons, Radio Show on WRBC
Why did you choose Bates?: I chose Bates because of how friendly people were. Having not known my way around campus during Admitted Students Day, I was amazed at how many students came up to me, introduced themselves, and asked if I needed directions to wherever I was going.

Kathryn Weidmann
School/Hometown: Milton High School; Milton, MA
Majors/Minors/GECs: History & Psychology (Double Major)
Activities/Involvement: Rowing (community liaison), Student Director of Orientation
Why did you choose Bates?:
After touring many schools that all blurred together in my mind, Bates stood out for the amazing people I met while there and the sense of comfort and belonging that I had when I was on campus.