Ask a Student

Admission Summer Interns

Meet this year’s cohort of Summer Interns, students who work in the Office of Admission throughout the summer to provide campus tours, co-host admission and financial aid information sessions, and support the office in all of its initiatives. They’re eager to meet you and answer your questions about life at Bates! To get in touch, just email

Alex Bickart ’21
High School/Hometown:
Peoples Academy;
Elmore, VT
Majors/Minors/GECs: Biology (Major);
Philosophy & Geology (Double Minor)
Activities/Involvement: Intramural Basketball,
Softball, and Broomball, ARC Peer Tutor,
Helicase Biology Club, Bates Video Game Club,
Crisis Counselor
Why did you choose Bates?: I chose Bates
because of the sense of community. Students
here always seem to be working together to
achieve greater things, rather than competing
with one another to be the best. On my first
visit to campus, every student I approached
seemed to genuinely love to talk about their
experience at Bates.
Izzy Eichenbaum ’21
High School/Hometown:
The Out-of-door
Academy; Lakewood Ranch, FL
Majors/Minors/GECs: Psychology (Major);
Gender and Sexuality Studies (Minor);
English (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Safe Voices volunteer,
Crosstones, Robinson Players
Why did you choose Bates?: I chose Bates
because I knew I wanted a cohesive and
collaborative liberal arts education. As cheesy
as it sounds, from the second I stepped onto
campus, I knew it was the school I wanted to go
to. Alongside its rigorous dedication to
academics, Bates also has one of the most
welcoming and vibrant student bodies I’d come
across, and I knew I would easily become a part of the Bates’ community and feel at home. 
Anna Gouveia ’22
High School/Hometown:
Asheville School;
Johnson City, TN
Majors/Minors/GECs: Biochemistry (Major);
The Human Body (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Bates Public Health
Initiative, Habitat for Humanity ASEOP leader,
Club Field Hockey, Montello Elementary Schoolmentor, Environmental Coalition
Why did you choose Bates?: I was interested
in the community-engaged learning
opportunities that Bates offers, and I wanted an environment where students collaborated with
their classmates rather than competing against
Michael Hogue ’20
High School/Hometown:
Bowen High School;
Chicago, IL
Majors/Minors/GECs: Art and Visual Culture
(Major); Improvisation and Experimentation &
The Human Body (Double GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Amandla! Black
Student Union, Office of Intercultural Education Fellow
Why did you choose Bates?:
I was very
interested in getting a liberal arts education,
and chose Bates for its student body, campus,
and location.
Linden Jones ’22
High School/Hometown:
Asheville School;
Asheville, NC
Majors/Minors/GECs: Biology (Major); Spanish
Activities/Involvement: Club Rugby, Club Ice
Hockey, Club Med, Outing Club
Why did you choose Bates?:
I chose Bates
for its community, location (surfing and
skiing!), and resources for pre-med students. I
wanted a change of scenery for college, and
loved New England.
Nahida Moradi ’22
High School/Hometown:
Oregon Episcopal
School; Kabul, Afghanistan
Majors/Minors/GECs: Economics & European
Studies (Double Major); Russian (Minor)
Activities/Involvement: Club Lacrosse,
International Club, Muslim Student Association, Tutor in Lewiston schools, Residence Life Junior Advisor
Why did you choose Bates?: Community
engagement was a huge part of my life growing
up in Kabul, and even at my boarding school in
Portland, OR. I would have felt incomplete
without service learning. The vibrant culture of community partnerships gave Bates a human
character that led me to come here.
Maddie Sirois ’21
High School/Hometown:
Montclair Kimberley
Academy; Maplewood, NJ
Majors/Minors/GECs: Economics (Major);
Rhetoric (Minor); Philosophy and Psychology
Activities/Involvement: PLOT farmer,
Club Ultimate Frisbee, Bates Immigrant
Engagement Club, Outing Club, Women in
Economics Club
Why did you choose Bates?: What really made
Bates stand out to me was the people! Every
student I met was involved across campus and
Lewiston, and so excited to show me around. I
felt at home from the first time I visited
campus, and could not wait to explore the rest
of Maine with the Outing Club!
Sandia Taban ’22
High School/Hometown:
United World College
of Changshu China; Nairobi, Kenya
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics (Major);
Considering Africa (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Africana Club, DJ
Society, Knitwits, Feminist Collective, Root
Cellar Christian Organization mentor
Why did you choose Bates?: My first
exposure to Bates was through a vibrant
presentation about the school by one of the
admission counselors. I fell in love with the
opportunities Bates offered. Furthermore, I
loved the lively energy when I got to campus
and started meeting members of the Bates
Muskan Verma ’21
High School/Hometown:
United World College
of the Atlantic, Wales; Shimla, India
Majors/Minors/GECs: Rhetoric, Film, and
Screen Studies & Theater (Double Major);
Knowledge, Action, and the Public Good (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Bonner Leader Program (Harward Center), International Club, Bates
Student Action, Environmental Coalition, The
Robinson Players, Bates College Choir, Student
Museum Group, Bollywood Club
Why did you choose Bates?:
I was looking for
a college experience where I could challenge
myself academically, politically, and socially,
but also an environment that allowed for
pausing sometimes and reaching for support
and a community that would care. The efforts
put in the commitment to sustainability,
community engagement, accessibility and
inclusion were big parts of my decision to
choose Bates.
Alec Wilcox ’20
High School/Hometown:
New Hampton
School; Tampa, FL
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics & Religion
(Double Major)
Activities/Involvement: Club Ice Hockey, Bates
Why did you choose Bates?:
After stepping on
campus, I instantly got a sense of feeling at
home. No other school I visited gave me a
similar feeling.

Admission Summer Interviewers

Meet this year’s cohort of Summer Interviewers, students who work in the Office of Admission throughout the summer to provide prospective students with on-campus interviews. A Bates interview is your opportunity to discuss your interests and ask questions about Bates and the student experience. They’re eager to meet you, so please schedule an interview and reach out to them with questions about their time at Bates! To get in touch, just email

Sean Anderson ’20
East Early College High
School; Houston, TX
Majors/Minors/GECs: Philosophy & Psychology(Double Major)
Activities/Involvement: Brooks Quimby
Debate Council, Model UN, Moot Court,
Why did you choose Bates?: During the
Prologue program, I was struck by how
beautiful the campus was, how friendly the
community was, and how academic and yet
collaborative the students were. Everyone
interacted with one another regardless of
differing interests. The comfort and belonging
that I felt when I stepped onto Bates felt like
home, and that feeling of ‘fit’ ultimately led me
to choose Bates in the end. 
Zach Collester ’19
Central Bucks High School
East; Doylestown, PA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Neuroscience (Major),
The Human Body & Sound (Double GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Swim Team,
Crosstones (President), English teacher at
Refugee Center
Why did you choose Bates?: I chose Bates
because of the people I met during the college
process, and how Bates students engages with
greater Lewiston-Auburn. During my overnight, I immediately felt a strong sense of community
among students and professors alike, and I was
astounded to learn about all the opportunities
to get off campus and make impact. I realized
that Bates students are curious, passionate, and
civically engaged, and I was so excited to join a
group of such interesting people.
Jonathan Farrell ’20
Xavier High School;
Middletown, CT
Majors/Minors/GECs: English, Creative Writing
concentration (Major), Religion (Minor),
Environment, Place, and History (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Club Ultimate Frisbee,
Dinner Table club, Harward Center volunteer
Why did you choose Bates?: I chose Bates for
the feeling of belonging and assurance I felt on
campus. I knew that I would be able to explore
different areas of study as well as myself, all the while feeling accepted by others around me
who were doing the same exact thing. 

Brook Jandreau ’20
School/Hometown: Community High School;
Fort Kent, ME
Majors/Minors/GECs: Sociology (Major),
Religious Studies & 2D/3D Design (Double GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Residence Life,
Harward Center Community Outreach Fellow,
theater and dance costume design, Bates EMS,
Trustees Advisory Board/Student Affairs
Why did you choose Bates?: I chose Bates for
the supportive and tight-knit community of
students, faculty, and staff. The resources for
student support on campus are incredible and
there’s always someone to help and offer advice no matter the situation. Bates is a very
collaborative place! 
Andrew Veilleux ’19
School/Hometown: American School of Sao
Paulo; Tarrytown, NY
Majors/Minors/GECs: History & European
Studies (Double Major), Chinese Society and
Culture (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Academic Resource
Commons, Radio Show on WRBC
Why did you choose Bates?: I chose Bates
because of how friendly people were. Having
not known my way around campus during
Admitted Students Day, I was amazed at how many students came up to me, introduced
themselves, and asked if I needed directions towherever I was going.