Bobcat Chat: Community Engagement, Episode 1

Interested learning more about Bates and how we connect with our surrounding community? Staff and students who engage with the nationally recognized Harward Center for Community Partnerships speak to community engaged learning, the Bonner Leader program, anti-racism work, and how our location makes Bates unique.

  • Tyler Lussier, Associate Dean of Admission
  • Leigh Weisenburger, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
  • Darby Ray, Director, Harward Center for Community Partnerships, Donald W. and Ann M. Harward Professor of Civic Engagement
  • Ellen Alcorn, Associate Director for Community Engaged Learning, Harward Center for Community Partnerships
  • Christopher Barker ‘21
  • Georgia Moses ‘21
  • Dylan Simon ‘21

Harward Center for Community Partnerships: 6:39
Bonner Leader Program: 11:50
Community Engagement Examples: 14:09
What is a Community Liaison?: 18:29
What makes Lewiston-Auburn unique?: 21:09
Favorite things to do in Lewiston-Auburn: 32:49
Museum L/A: 31:51
Advice for undecided students: 37:08
Bates and the Outdoors: 45:05
How to describe Lewiston-Auburn: 49:40