Bobcat Chat: Arts Edition

Gain a deeper understanding of the Arts at Bates through a conversation focusing on academic and extra curricular offerings and connections with our community. Topics covered include The Bates Museum of Art, Dance, Music, Studio Art, Theater, Writing, and more!

Audrey Burns ‘17, Assistant Dean of Admission
Olivia Dimond ‘22
Laila Stevens ‘21
Daniel Mills, Director, Bates Museum of Art
Shoshona Currier, Director, Bates Dance Festival

Why Bates: 6:19
Music Community: 10:24
Music in local area: 13:00
Musical Theater: 14:17
Conservatory vs. Liberal Arts Institution: 16:10
Dance Major: 18:59
Art & Visual Culture Major + Studio Access: 20:46
Portfolios in Application Process: 23:39
Balancing the Arts & Academics, Double Majors: 25:07
Student Bands: 30:13
Internship Opportunities: 33:20
A capella: 36:46
Bates Musicians Union: 39:34