Bobcat Chat: Athletics Edition, Episode 1

Interested in athletics? Join coaches and student athletes for a conversation around our leagues, competing at Bates, and managing academics and athletics.

Johanna Farrar Seltzer ‘03, Senior Associate Dean and Director of Special Projects
Jared Rivers, Senior Associate Dean of Admission and Director of Diversity Enrollment
Christopher Barker ‘21, Cross Country and Track and Field
Aidan Temperino ‘21, Rowing
John Furbush ‘05, Head Coach, Men’s Basketball
Alison Montgomery, Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

Recruitment Process: 5:15
Academic Support: 9:50
Student Athlete Community Involvement: 16:36
Student Athlete Experience: 20:00
Athletics and Purposeful Work: 24:00
Study Abroad: 33:00
Balancing Athletics and Academics: 46:15