Bobcat Chat: The Bates Student Experience, Episode 1

Interested in getting a better understanding of the Bates student experience? Join current students as they share more about their academic and extra curricular journeys, support systems, favorite traditions, and why they chose Bates.

Nathania Francois, Senior Assistant Dean of Admission and Assistant Director of Diversity Enrollment
Nicole Villacrés-Reyes, Assistant Dean of Admission
Elysia Garza ‘22
Erick Gredonia ‘21
Alondra Guzman ‘21
Nicole Kumbula ‘21
Dylan Simon ‘21

Favorite place off campus: 15:00
Why is Bates special?: 17:30
Study Abroad: 22:20
Balancing academics and extracurriculars: 31:30
Housing: 39:40
Short Term: 49:35