Prologue to Bates: Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in learning more about Prologue and/or applying…

When is the deadline to apply for Prologue
to Bates?
The deadline to apply for our 2019 Prologue program is Sunday, September 1st.

When is Prologue?
Prologue will be held from Sunday, October 13 through Tuesday, October 15.

What will my counselor need to submit for Prologue? or What do I need to submit as a counselor?
We request a transcript and school profile. Counselors can upload these documents in the form that is sent to them following submission of the student portion of the application. In the event that a counselor is unavailable to submit these documents, other school personnel (i.e. guidance office receptionists, college counseling staff, etc.) can submit these documents by emailing them to Please make sure it is stated clearly in their email that these documents are intended for the Prologue to Bates program.

What is the deadline for my counselor to submit my supporting materials?
Counselors should submit their materials by Sunday, September 1. 

When will I hear about my Prologue decision?
Notifications will be made available to students by Tuesday, September 17.

Who can apply for Prologue?
Prologue to Bates is an open house program geared toward serving first-generation-to-college* students and/or students coming from diverse backgrounds. Prologue to Bates is open to all rising high school seniors; however, the committee prioritizes the selection of students from historically under-represented backgrounds such as African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic and Latino, Alaskan and Native American and first-generation-to-college students.

*Neither parent graduated from a four-year college/university.

Can a parent attend Prologue with me?
No. While your parent(s) or guardian(s) can travel with you to campus, Bates will not subsidize or provide travel or accommodations. Programming is geared toward Prologue attendees. 

I applied for a travel scholarship; will Bates cover all of my expenses?
Bates will cover your airplane or bus ticket to campus; we will provide transportation to and from the airport or bus station to campus. We also provide housing, a mattress, linens, as as well as all meals. You may want to bring pocket money for the bookstore or for when you are traveling.

I’ve been accepted for Prologue…

When will I know about my travel details?

After you are notified of your acceptance, a representative from Bates will be in touch with you to confirm that you are still interested in participating in the program. For students who applied for a travel scholarship, you will receive a travel itinerary containing details. We will likely arrange for your travel to Bates to take place Sunday morning and your return trip from Bates to take place in the afternoon on Tuesday.

What will the weather be like?
Fall in New England is beautiful, but it can be a little chilly for students visiting from warmer parts of the country. While we cannot predict the weather for a particular weekend, we recommend that you bring at least one warm jacket, full trousers/jeans, comfortable shoes and rain gear (umbrella/ rain jacket). 

I did not ask for a travel scholarship for myself, can I still get one?
Please contact Jack Behre ( directly about travel scholarships if you did not already apply for one. We may still be able to accommodate your request.

There was an overnight waiver attached to the email I received, what should I do with it?
Please fax or email the signed waiver form to the Bates College Office of Admission. The fax number is 207-786-6025; you may email the form to The waiver must be signed by both the student and a parent or legal guardian. Additionally, we recommend that you discuss the program and the dates that you will be missing school with your high school counselor and teachers to make sure that there are no academic conflicts.

I’m interested in applying to Bates…

I applied to Prologue and am interested in applying for admission to Bates. Do I qualify for a fee waiver?

Yes. Any student who applied to Prologue, regardless of whether they were admitted or not, is eligible for an application fee waiver. To access your fee waiver, please select “Bates Fly-In Program” under the prompt “Do you intend to use one of the school-specific fee waivers?” in your application. The necessary code can be found in your Prologue to Bates Decision email. If you have trouble finding your email, please contact Jack Behre (

If you are not a citizen of the United States, you are not required to submit a fee or a fee waiver request.