Supplemental Portfolios

Art, creative writing, dance, film, music, and theater supplements may be included in your application to Bates. Supplementary materials can only be uploaded after you have submitted your application to Bates and received a PIN providing you access to your application status portal.


*Works submitted should ideally have been produced in the context of a class.

1. For static work– i.e. paintings, drawings, ceramics, photographs, et al.,–the applicant should submit 6-10 pieces. No fewer than 6, no more than 10 should be included.

2. For time-based work–i.e. video, animation, et al.—the applicant should submit pieces of work which do not exceed 5 minutes in total running time. No matter how few or how many items are submitted, the total running time can be no more than 5 minutes.

3. If a student submits both static and time-based work, then each individual time-based item would count as one towards the total portfolio number of 6-10 pieces. The same time limit of 5 minutes total running time for time-based work applies to a portfolio containing both static and time-based.

Creative Writing

1. Five pages of fiction or creative non-fiction (double-spaced) OR three pages of poetry (single-spaced).

1. A one-page personal statement (double-spaced) discussing your interest in creative writing and the Creative Concentration at Bates.


1. One to two short videos–1-4 minutes each–featuring performance, ideally of the applicant’s own choreography. These videos should ideally feature a solo or small group performance where the applicant is clearly identifiable.

1. A dance resume focusing on training, choreography, and performance experience.
2. A personal statement focused upon (1) how the applicant would like to contribute to, and benefit from, a liberal arts-based dance education, or (2) how they imagine dance playing a part in their liberal arts education.


1. Two videos per applicant–20 minutes in running time or less for each film.  If an applicant has made something longer, please submit an excerpt from it.  If it is not clear, please make it known how the applicant has contributed to the film.

1. A personal statement of what the applicant is trying to accomplish in their films and what aspects they thought were successful/what aspects they would change.


Specific guidelines will be forthcoming.