The Procession and Recession

The procession and recession of the Class embrace the ceremony and symbolically embody the rite of passage that this service celebrates. Together, they offer a prayer in motion.

The Archways
The Class of 2005 processes and recesses under archways adorned with prayers, poems, and blessings offered by their family members and by members of the College’s faculty and staff. May the hopes and longings expressed on these cards be carried on the wind to all the places the graduates will find themselves after leaving Bates. (For ease of viewing, all the cards have been scanned into the Web site of the College Chaplain.)

The Readings and Blessings
The readings and blessings express the beauties and challenges of a life devoted to wisdom, compassion, and humility, and they offer words to guide the graduates as they commence tomorrow. They are drawn from the sacred texts, poetry, and prose of the six spiritual traditions represented in the Senior Class: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Secular Humanism.