Patricia Akhimie

Rutgers University-Newark

Patricia Akhimie is Assistant Professor of English at Rutgers University-Newark. She is currently working on a book entitled Shakespeare and the Cultivation of Difference: Race and Conduct in the Early Modern World and an edited volume tentatively titled Traveling/Travailing Women: Early Modern England and the Wider World, co-edited with Bernadette Andrea.  Her other publications include “Strange Episodes: Race in Stage History,” Shakespeare Bulletin (Fall, 2009), “Travel, Drama, and Domesticity: Staging Housewifery in Fletcher and Massinger’s The Sea Voyage,” Studies in Travel Writing (June, 2009), “‘Bruised with Adversity’: Reading Race in The Comedy of Errors” in the forthcoming volume The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare and Embodiment: Gender, Sexuality, Race, and “Galleries and Soft Power: The Gallery in The Winter’s Tale” in the forthcoming volume Early Modern Diplomacy, Theatre and Soft Power: The Making of Peace. She holds a Ph.D. in English from Columbia University.