Shreya Arora

Assistant Professor of Earth and Climate Science


Earth and Climate Sciences

Asian Studies


Shreya is a paleoseismologist who studies past earthquakes to determine potential of the future ones. The primary focus of her research over the years has been to study crustal movements, and establish past earthquake chronology along the seismically active mountain belts. She integrates remote sensing, seismic data, borehole stratigraphy, trench investigation and Quaternary dating methods to quantify incision rates, slip rates, and recurrence intervals.

Before Bates, she was a MEXT Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Geological Survey of Japan, where she investigated the un-ruptured fault segment of the 1896 Rikuu earthquake (M7.2). She obtained her PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK), where she was looking at the active faults in northwest Himalaya. She is in the Editorial Team of the European Geophysical Union (EGU)-Natural Hazard Division, and a member of INQUA’s EDITH project. At Bates, Shreya is teaching EACS 104 Plate Tectonics and Hazards, and EACS 230 Earth Structures and Dynamics this Fall, and GIS/Remote Sensing in the winter semester. Shreya is actively conducting collaborative research in the Yokote Basin, northeast Japan, and northwest Himalaya, and she plans to integrate senior thesis projects into this international research.

For more information, you can visit her ORCID page, or her Publications and Teaching pages.