Teaching & Advising

Assistant Professor

Undergraduate senior thesis supervisor

  • Natalie Meenan’23 – Bates College 2022-Present
    Topic: Paleoseismic and Geomorphic Investigation of Central Himalayas
  • Tristan Depew’23 – Bates College 2022-Present
    Topic: Characterizing Landslides Clusters in Maine
  • Evan Slatman’22 – Bates College 2021-2022
    Topic: Structural Analysis of the Plumbago Mountain Fault, Pluton, and Associated Pegmatites


  • Awarded European Geophysical Union Best Blog of 2022 “Breaking the glass ceiling in diversity, equity, and inclusion in geosciences
  • Awarded Outstanding PhD Thesis Award IIT Kanpur, 2020.
  • Selected for USPC Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions Meet-Up 2019 event held in Paris, France.
  • Recipient of 2018 Lloyd V. Berkner Travel Fellowship to present research work at AGU Fall meeting 2018 at Washington DC.
  • Recipient of Schlumberger Excellence Award for Technical Depth-2018.
  • Received Institute Student Cash Award – Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, March 2018 for the contributing new idea on the overestimation of seismic hazard in the Himalaya.
  • Selected for Japan Science and Technology (JST), Sakura Exchange program to work at Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo- 2015

Shreya Arora