Stephanie Kelley-Romano

Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Film, and Screen Studies


Rhetoric, Film, and Screen Studies

Pettigrew Hall, Room 308


Prof. Kelley-Romano teaches rhetorical theory and criticism.


  • Ph.D.- Communication Studies, May 1999, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. Dissertation: The Myth of Communion: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Narratives of Alien Abductees
  • M.A- Political Communication,1994, Emerson College, Boston, MA. Areas of Emphasis: Rhetorical theory and practice; Political communication
  • B.S.- Communication Studies, 1993, Emerson College,Boston, MA. Graduated with honors: Cum Laude

Selected Publications

Kelley-Romano, S. (2008). “Trust No One: The Conspiracy Genre on American Television.” Southern Communication Journal 73, 2, p.105-121.

Kelley-Romano, S. & *Westgate, V. (2007).  “Blaming Bush: A Functional Analysis of Political Cartoons.” Journalism Studies, Vol. 8 Issue 5, p755-773.

Kelley-Romano, S.  (2007).  “Alien Abductions as Mythmaking.”  Extreme Deviance, Edited by Erich Goode and Angus Vail.  Pine Forge Press.

Kelley-Romano, S.  (2007).  “Makin’ Whoopi: Race, Gender, and The Starship Enterprise.”  (Chapter 9) Siths, Slayers, Stargates, and Cyborgs: Modern Mythology in the New Millenium. Edited by David Whitt and John Perlich.  Published by Peter Lang.

Kelley-Romano, S. & *Westgate, V.  (2006).  “ Drawing Disaster: The Crisis Cartoons of Hurricane Katrina.”  Texas Speech Communication Journal.  Volume 31 Issue 1.

Kelley-Romano, S.  (2006).  “’The Modern Mythmaking of Alien Abductions.”  Communication Quarterly.  Vol. 54 Issue 3, p383-406.

Kelley-Romano, S.  (2006).  “A Report on the Demographics of Alien Abductees/Experiencers.”  Journal of UFO Studies.  Volume 9.

Kelley-Romano, S. and Mary Hoffman.  (2005).  “It’s an SEC Thing: Trying Martha in the Public Sphere.”  Critical Problems in Argumentation.  Ed. By Charles A. Willard.  p763-778.

Recent Presentations

Kelley-Romano, S. (November 2011). “Sacrificial Sookie: A Feminist Analysis of HBO’s True Blood.” Mass Communication Division. National Communication Association Meeting. New Orleans, LA.

Kelley-Romano, S. (November 2011).  “Personal Matters, Public Voicings.” Paper Respondent. Argumentation and Forensics Division. National Communication Association Meeting. New Orleans, LA.

Kelley-Romano, S. (November 2010). “From the ‘Cult of True Womanhood’ to Enfranchisement: Bridge Building in Feminist Rhetoric.”  A Scholar to Scholar Roundtable.  National Communication Association Meeting.  Feminist and Women Studies Division.  San Francisco, CA.

Kelley-Romano. S. (November 2010).  “Bridges to Beyond: Gender and Alien Abduction Narratives.”  Individual Paper Submission: Feminist Perspectives and Social Movements.  National Communication Association Meeting. San Francisco, CA.

Kelley-Romano, S. (April 2009).  “Top Papers in Rhetorical Theory and Criticism.” As Chair of the Rhetorical Theory and Criticism Division, responded to Top Papers.  Central States Speech Communication Association.  St. Louis, MO.

Kelley-Romano, S. (April 2009).  “At the Heart of the Game: Fans, Athletes, and Identification as a Rhetorical Process.”  Panel Respondent.  Central States Speech Communication Association.  St. Louis, MO.

Great Falls Forum (November 2008). “Election ’08: Lessons Learned – Sarah Palin Case Study.” Lewiston Public Library, Lewiston, ME.

Kelley-Romano, S. (April 2007).  “The Activism of Mythic Studies and Rhetorical Criticism: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We’re Going” Rhetorical Theory and Criticism Division of Central States Speech Communication. Madison, WI.