Fulbright Preliminary Actions

The Fulbright process at Bates College is a highly successful, and rapidly growing, effort.  In order to insure the best use of faculty time and input, as well as to get the best possible feedback from the Bates Graduate Fellowships Committee, all students and alumni who wish to apply for Fulbright are required to complete a Fulbright Preliminary Form in conversation with their faculty mentors and the Director of National Fellowships, Robert Strong.

Please keep in mind:

1. the form is your first step in the Bates Fulbright process

2. we recommend that individual faculty members not take on more than three Fulbright recommendations, so it is a good idea for you to query potential recommenders immediately

3. you should read the form– then study the Fulbright site, send questions to Robert, and talk to your recommenders– then fill out the form.

*Click here for Form*

Send any questions to Robert!