Dana Chemistry Hall Renovation Overview

Overview: There has been a great deal of deserved attention given to the Bonney Science Center construction over the past two years. We will soon be turning our focus to Dana Chemistry Hall this summer with a full interior renovation that will introduce chemistry and biology teaching labs on the first and third floors, and flexible classrooms on the second floor for all academic departments. Interior spaces will improve circulation, provide modern restrooms, and introduce new student spaces into the heart of campus. Work will begin in June 2021, and is scheduled to be completed by next summer 2022 for use in the academic 2022–23 year.

Pedestrian Access: As was experienced in the renovations for Hedge and Roger Williams halls, 11 years ago,  the Dana work — on Alumni Walk in the center of campus — will be prominent. The perimeter of the building will be contained with fencing and construction scrim, and Alumni Walk in front of Dana will be closed. Pedestrian traffic between the Historic Quad and Alumni Walk will be directed through the space between Hathorn and Dana. There will be no pedestrian access between Hedge and Ladd or Hedge and Dana, but the ramp to Ladd Library will remain accessible.

Trees and Plantings: As with any campus construction project, our goal is to remove trees only if necessary to complete the work. When construction is complete, new trees are planted as part of landscaping. With this project, particular care will be taken to preserve the butterfly magnolia trees that flank the front door from the Quad, and the Japanese stewartia on the southwest corner of the building. We will be taking down a mix of trees around the building, and care will be taken to replace these trees thoughtfully and sustainably upon completion of the project.