Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for Gender and Sexuality Studies majors and minors are:

  1. Articulate how gender and sexuality shape and are shaped by other intersecting mechanisms of privilege, exclusion, and marginalization, including (but not limited to) dynamic processes of racial capitalism, ableism, state violence, militarization, and colonization. 
  2. Recognize the centrality of queer and trans approaches to studies of gender and sexuality.
  3. Analyze local and global entanglements of power, pleasure, and resistance, including the effects of particular social locations and material conditions on ways of knowing.  
  4. Gain familiarity with gender and sexuality studies as an academic field, including awareness of key concepts, fault lines, and methodologies.
  5. Develop skills in listening, speaking, and writing, including the ability to communicate effectively and ethically about complex and controversial topics. 
  6. Cultivate action, practice, and reciprocal engagement with the many communities of which we are part, including sustained reflection on students’ own positionality.