Note: The Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies was formerly the Program in Women and Gender Studies. Students who entered the college before fall 2017 and who major or minor in this program are Women and Gender Studies majors or minors. Students entering the college in fall 2017 and thereafter are Gender and Sexuality Studies majors or minors. The program codes that accompany course numbers have changed from WGS to GSS and from WS to GS.

A minor in Women and Gender Studies / Gender and Sexuality Studies consists of seven courses:

  • GSS 100 “Introduction Gender and Sexuality Studies”
  • AA/GS 201 “Race, Ethnicity, and Feminist Thought”
  • INDS 250 “Methods and Modes of Inquiry”
  • GSS 400 (see list in College Catalog)
  • one other 300- or 400-level GSS course (see list in College Catalog)
  • two other GSS committee-approved courses, any level (see list in the College Catalog; no more than one short term unit may be counted)