Employee Working Group

The members of the employee working group on engagement were selected from nominations from the campus community and were chosen based on creating a group who can provide a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. The group has representation from a broad array of divisions and departments, and includes both staff and faculty, supervisors and non-supervisors, and people with varying lengths of tenure at the college. The group is expected to meet through January of 2024.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Agenda Template

Working Group Operating Norms

Employee Engagement Working Group Members

Jess Berry, Accessible Education and Student Support Services
Zach Brown-Cross, Residence Life and Health Education
Hope Burnell, AVP for Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety
Joe Castonguay, Facilities Services
Mark Cayer, Campus Safety
Megan Couch, Dining, Conferences and Campus Events
Sylvia Deschaine,  Academic Support Services
Keiko Konoeda, Asian Studies
Curtis Johnson, Athletics
Alec Morrissey, Admission
Patty Rooney, Director of Human Resources
Andrea Trumble, Academic Support Services