Employee Working Group

The members of the employee working group on engagement were selected from nominations from the campus community and were chosen based on creating a group who can provide a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. The group has representation from a broad array of divisions and departments, and includes both staff and faculty, supervisors and non-supervisors, and people with varying lengths of tenure at the college. The group is expected to meet through Winter Semester 2024.

Employee Engagement Working Group Members

  • Jess Berry, Accessible Education and Student Support Services
  • Zach Brown-Cross, Residence Life and Health Education
  • Hope Burnell, AVP for Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety
  • Joe Castonguay, Facilities Services
  • Mark Cayer, Campus Safety
  • Megan Couch, Dining, Conferences and Campus Events
  • Sylvia Deschaine,  Academic Support Services
  • Dre Gager, Institutional Research
  • Curtis Johnson, Athletics
  • Keiko Konoeda, Asian Studies
  • Alec Morrissey, Admission
  • Nick O’Brien, Communications
  • Patty Rooney, Director of Human Resources
  • Scott Tiner, Information Technology
  • Andrea Trumble, Academic Support Services