Academic Program

Professors Fra-Molinero (Hispanic Studies), Melvin (History), and Pieck (Environmental Studies); Associate Professors Pérez-Armendáriz (Politics, chair), and Pridgeon (Hispanic Studies)

The interdisciplinary program in Latin American and Latinx studies brings together different methods of inquiry to better understand the cultures, societies and environments of Latin America and its diasporas, including the many communities that historically predated the United States, people who have immigrated to the United States from various parts of Latin America, and their descendants. The program also explores the importance of Latin America and Latinx communities in a global context. Latin American and Latinx studies provides opportunities for students seeking to deepen connections with their own Latin American and/or Latinx heritage .

Latin American and Latinx studies offers interdisciplinary and critical perspectives on colonialism, religion, race and ethnicity, politics, gender and sexuality, indigeneity, environments, language, cultural production, migration, and economics within the region’s societies. Course offerings draw from Africana, anthropology, environmental studies, gender and sexuality studies, Hispanic studies, history, politics, and religious studies. Students learn about a diverse area of the world that includes Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and the United States. They also consider the ongoing relevance of the interactions of the region’s indigenous population with people coming from Europe, Africa, and Asia for more than half a millennium. The on-campus curriculum and programming is supplemented with opportunities for off-campus study in Latin America and the Caribbean.