SpringerLink MyCopy

Springer_MyCopy_101613What is MyCopy?

Simply put, a MyCopy book is a softcover copy from the SpringerLink collection that is printed on demand and delivered to the address of your choice for $24.99.

Q: What kinds of books are available from the SpringerLink collection at Bates?

A: At present, approximately 38,000 high quality scholarly books are available from SpringerLink. More than 25,000 of these can be ordered as MyCopy editions.  Content is weighted heavily towards Mathematics and the Natural Sciences, but disciplines covered also include Bussiness Management (3,018 books), Economics (2,009 books), Education and Language (1,613 books),  Psychology (952 books), Law (682 books), Food and Nutrition (326 books) and Architecture and Design (320 books).

For a sampling of specific book titles from Math and the Natural Sciences, check out this previous post.

To search for books within a discipline, start here at the SpringerLink home page.

Q: What’s the turn around time for an order?  How long will it take to get my book after placing my order?

A: As a test, your Science and Data librarian ordered a copy of Pot Honey: A legacy of stingless bees.  Amazon pricing for this >600 page book is $198.55 (hardcover), so $24.99 seemed like a good gamble for this well reviewed book.

Email confirmation of the order was received on a Monday.  The printed MyCopy book arrived at your librarian’s home onThursday that same week.  So from start to finish, less than seven days.  Of course, your mileage may vary.

Q: This seems pretty great…too good to be true, really.  What’s the catch?

A: There really isn’t one.  Aside from the facts that these books are only printed in black and white (i.e. no color images), they can’t be shelved in the library and are not for resale, it’s a great deal.

Q: How does Springer do it?  Is it magic?

A:  No, it’s not magic.  For it to be magic, the images would have to be reproduced in color.  Instead, Springer has partnered with the print on demand (and Amazon owned) company CreateSpace.

Q: Where can I learn more about SpringerLink MyCopy books?

A: To learn more, you can access a nice presentation from Springer here.