The New CBBcat!

New CBBcat_020314Colby, Bates and Bowdoin (CBB) libraries just launched a new, merged catalog of all our holdings –
– retaining many of the best features of the previous CBBcat and our local Bates catalog, both of which are now retired.

New CBBcat features include:

  • Combined CBB holdings with option to limit to a single library
  • Ability to virtually browse the “shelves” of the CBB collections
  • Request material from Bowdoin or Colby by using “CBB request” and not by repeating the search in NExpress or MaineCat
  • Extended loan periods for faculty and students from all three schools
  • Single reserve system for all three libraries with easy institution-distinguishing labels
  • Requests for Offsite books made through the “CBB request” on the header of each record

For more details and background, see this news story.