Gee…where have all the “G’s” gone?

They’ve just been moved downstairs to make more room on a very full 2nd floor of history and literature books.  Now there’s at least some “logic” with a consecutive run of the G’s through K’s all downstairs.  Good news for social science researchers!  We’ll be putting a sign on the 2nd floor to remind us all just where the “G’s” have gone!!

For those curious souls or those who need reminders, the G’s consist of these broad Library of Congress subject areas:

G    General Geography, Atlases, Maps.

GA  Cartography, Mathematical Geography

GB  Physical Geography

GC  Oceanography

GE  Environmental Sciences

GF  Human Geography

GN  Anthropology

GR  Folklore.

GT  Manners and Customs.

GV Recreation, Leisure

Photo credit: Workers move books to the new library in Welch Hall, 1929. Rockefeller University Archive Center