FITS and STARTS: Faculty Conversations about Scholarship & Creativity

Please join us for this semester’s “Fits and Starts,”  a series of informal conversations in which faculty discuss their writing and research process:

photoMiaMia Yinxing Liu


Who is the Real Hero?

Seeing Double in Lang Jingshan’s ‘Portraits’ of Zhang Daqian

Our speaker delves into the intriguing body of work by Chinese/Taiwanese photographer Lang Jingshan (1892-1995) and his “double portraits” of the painter Zhang Daqian (1899-1983), in which Zhang often appears twice in the same pictorial plane.  Since these are photographic pictures of an artist (and often an artist at work), she inquires into the notions and anxiety about the “real” and “authentic”, the author and his subject, the painter and his sitter, in the art-making process–both in painting and in photography.


4:15 to 5:15

Ladd Library 148

Refreshments will be provided.