Everything is coming up GREEN!

Recent email from Gene Wiemers:
The next time you come into the library please take a look at the new recycling/waste stations that were set up Tuesday. These large, visible (perhaps even inviting) places for recycling and trash are designed to encourage Bates people to recycle as much as possible. This is a collaborative project between the custodial staff, the environmental coordinator’s office and the library staff to see if we can increase the percentage of material that goes to recycling, reduce the liquids that have been making their way into our recycling (not a good thing), and at the same time reduce the workload for the custodial staff who collect recycled and waste materials.
This is one of the last initiatives spearheaded by Julie Rosenbach before she turned her attentions to her home town’s environmental needs. All of us involved in the project hope that this model allows Bates to continue to achieve high environmental goals. I’m particularly proud that we can showcase this in the library, and to use the library’s visibility with students to help make this idea successful.
Let us know what you think.
Rebecca Culp, ‘15
Virginia Sturgis, Facility Services
Gene Wiemers, ILS