SpringerLink for the social sciences

If you leave campus for fall recess or Thanksgiving, and still need to do some research, e-books come in very handy.  Ladd Library provides access to e-books from a number of publishers, and one of the biggest collections is called SpringerLink. Springer has many science titles, but also thousands of books in the social sciences, including economics, politics, sociology, and more. Some recent (2015) e-books include:

It also has a huge number of books on statistical computing with software like Stata and R; you can browse a list of those related to social science on our General Computing Resources research guide. You will find these SpringerLink books in the CBBcat catalog and LibrarySearch+, or you can search from with the SpringerLink platform itself.

An outstanding feature of SpringerLink is that these books are easy to download as PDFs—so you can read them online, print them, or send them to your e-reader. Additionally, almost any SpringerLink book can be purchased as a “print on demand” copy for $24.99.