10th Reunion Then and Now

1992: Look at those losers on that Internet thing.
2002: Only losers don’t surf the Web.

The Bill
1992: Wild and crazy dorm.
2002: Wild and crazy former president.

U.S. President
1992: George Bush.
2002: George Bush.

1992: Chance to dress up, drink a Sea Breeze, and dance at Chase Hall.
2002: Friday work dress code.

Pub Crawl
1992: Eight bars, 10 beers, 27 minutes.
2002: One bar, two beers, crawl into bed.

Naked Run
1992: Disrobing, screaming, and running around the Quad with attractive coeds.
2002: Chasing your screaming child around the house before a bath.

Quality Market
1992: Sure you can see my (fake) ID!
2002: Don’t you want to see my ID?

Short Term
1992: One class, no consequences.
2002: I really miss Short Term.

The Goose
1992: The best bar in town.
2002: What a dump! (Still the best bar in town).

Bates College
1992: Hated to leave after graduation.
2002: Glad to be back for Reunion!