Bates and You

Julio Guevara ’07.

I’ve worked in construction since high school. My dad used to be in the business and when he couldn’t continue, I would use his tools on small projects here and there. I’ve built up all these skills, but I always wanted to know the design phase of it   creating the whole building, maybe having my own firm one day. That would be my dream. My parents didn’t have much opportunity to study. My dad was an orphan and my mom worked as a servant. So it means a lot to have the opportunity to go to college.

The son of El Savadoran immigrants, Julio Guevara ’07 came to Bates on the David W. Merrill Memorial Scholarship. Thanks to support from the Sigety Family Fund for Computer Science, he spent summer 2004 working with a professor of Spanish on a multimedia Hispanic literature project. Julio hails from Washington, D.C.