Admissions Mission

When biologist Joe Pelliccia was casting about for a different kind of sabbatical, a conversation with Dean of Admissions Wylie Mitchell provided the answer.

As Bates’ first-ever faculty associate in Admissions, Pelliccia is interviewing prospective students in Lindholm House and off campus, staffing college fairs, and reading applications. The benefits are obvious.

For one, he can share wisdom gleaned during 25 years teaching the students Admissions brings in. “Prospective students appreciate the authenticity of hearing about Bates directly from a professor,” Mitchell says. “Joe’s stories about Bates are real.”

Moreover, Pelliccia says, “admissions is like a black box for most faculty. We don’t know how the process works—but we like to gripe about it when a particular anecdotal event crosses our mind.”

Now, “I can bring back stories about Admissions to the faculty. If they can understand from me that the process is fair and well-thought-through, it’s good for the campus.”

And therefore worth sacrifice, as Pelliccia does concede one downside to the half-time arrangement: “The fact that I can’t wear a T-shirt and jeans bothers me.”