Bates announces lowest fee increase since 1972

The Bates College Board of Trustees has voted to set the fee for attendance for the academic year 2013–14 at $58,950. This single fee, which covers tuition, room, board and fees, represents a 3 percent increase over 2012–13 and is the lowest fee increase in more than four decades.

Bates presents cost in the form of a single fee for attendance so that students and families can see their entire financial commitment in one number.

In keeping with its founding tradition of active inclusivity, the college offers financial aid to make sure that the Bates education is accessible to every qualified student who chooses to attend Bates, regardless of financial need. Forty-four percent of Bates students qualify for financial aid. Bates meets 100 percent of demonstrated need, with an average financial aid award for 2012–13 of $38,200.

In June, Student Financial Services will give returning students specific information related to payment options for 2013–14. For students who have applied for financial aid, information about eligibility and award amounts will also be sent at that time.  More information about the various ways students and families can finance the cost of college appears on the Bates website at Student Financial Services.

In an email notifying returning students and their families about the fee for the coming year, Bates President Clayton Spencer wrote, “I know that college costs are of significant concern to our students and families, and I assure you that we share that concern. Managing the relationship among costs, fees and financial aid in a time of continuing economic pressure on institutions and families alike is a high priority for the college, second only to providing the most valuable education possible for our students.” 

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