ESPN Boston profiles new Brooks School football coach Pat Foley ’04

Pat Foley '04 during his Bates playing days.

Pat Foley ’04 during his Bates playing days.

Reporter Brandon Hall of ESPN Boston offers a brief Q-and-A with Pat Foley ’04, former All-NESCAC linebacker who is the new head coach at the Brooks School, where the program has won one game since 2010.

The past isn’t prologue, Foley tells Hall. “Between now and when I get on the practice field for the first time, I’m not gonna put too much weight on the past, and see how the guys do moving forward.”

Foley takes the position at Brooks, in North Andover, Mass., after four years as co-defensive coordinator at Colgate University.

He’s leaving college football coaching because he wants “to be more involved with other aspects of kids lives” outside football. “At the college level, it got to a point where the only interaction I had with kids was on the football side…. At Brooks, I’ll be more involved in other aspects of their lives.”


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