Anthropology, Fall 2013


Loring Danforth is the Charles A. Dana Professor of Anthropology and 2013 recipient of the Kroepsch Award for teaching excellence. (Photograph by Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)

Two new colleagues are joining the Anthropology department this year while Val Carnegie and Elizabeth Eames are away on sabbatical leaves.

Britt Halvorson will teach AN 339 Production and Reproduction this autumn, and will offer a Language and Culture course in the winter. Josh Rubin will teach a new course, AN 125 Critical Perspectives on Sport and Society, in the autumn, as well as AN 333 Interpretation and Culture in the winter semester.

Britt has done fieldwork on Lutheran humanitarian organizations in the American Midwest and Lutheran hospitals and clinics in Madagascar. Josh’s research focuses on rugby, race and masculinity in South Africa. Having them with us gives students interested in medicine and culture, sports, popular culture and Africa a chance to take courses we could not otherwise offer.

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