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ESPNW profiles resilient former Nordic skier Kaitlyn McElroy ’07

Former Nordic skier Kaitlyn McElroy ’07 has found new purpose in kayaking.

ESPNW features the story of Kaitlyn McElroy ’07, a former Nordic skier at Bates College, who is competing at the kayak world championships in Germany after a skiing training accident forced her to switch sports.

After breaking an arm and a few ribs and injuring her back in the accident, McElroy attempted to return to skiing but could not perform at the same level she had before the injury.

The native of Bethel, Maine, found it difficult to move on from skiing but has found new purpose in the sport of kayaking.

“I missed skiing tremendously, and I still do, but I definitely fond something I love just as much if not more,” McElroy tells ESPNW.