From a pool of 8,273 applications — the largest in Bates history — Bates will extend Regular Decision acceptances on Saturday, March 12, the next step toward the creation of the newest incoming class of Bobcats.

In that welcome-to-Bates spirit, we want to share a bit about the cat that we’ve been proud to call the Bates mascot since 1924: the tenacious, athletic, and curious bobcat. (And also praised as a warrior for a healthy ecosystem, helping to beat back invasive Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades.)

Here are 10 of our favorite bobcat clips:

1. Hungry Mom vs. Hapless Squirrel

In hindsight, the TV show Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom presented an odd juxtaposition: Host Marlon Perkins’ soothing voice describing animal mayhem. But it worked.

Here, Perkins describes a mother bobcat finding food for her kittens. Did we say bobcats are quick? Check this out:

2. Tenacious Bobcat vs. Hapless Rattlesnake

YouTube is awash in bobcat vs. rattlesnake videos. This one prompted hilarious comments, including this imaginary snake-cat dialogue:

Snake: “I am venomous and dangerous. I can bite you.”
Cat: “….and I am Bob.”

Another commenter praised the cat’s skills from a boxing perspective:

“As a boxing expert, this really reinforces how important it is to stick and jab and then follow up with your cross when the timing’s right. Bob was obviously a Golden Paws champ in his prime. At the end he throws three sharp jabs and then brings in his right cross then modifies it to an overhand right for the KO. Nice work! Lesson is: Never lead with your head!”

3. Leaping Bobcat vs. Open Water

Two of the oldest Bates track and field records are the indoor and outdoor long jump marks set by All-American John Douglas in 1959 (25 feet, 0.75 inches, and 25 feet, 1.5 inches, respectively). This bobcat’s leap over water isn’t 25 feet…but then again, it’s a standing broad jump.

4. Leaping Bobcat vs. Open Water II

He didn’t stick the landing, but nice effort anyway.

5. Diffident Bobcat vs. Friendly Indoor Cat

This bobcat stops by the patio door, which intrigues the indoor house cat:

“You wanna hang out?”

“Not really.”

“That’s cool.”

6. Hello, I Love You, Won’t You Tell Me Your Name?

Could be a meet-cute. Could be a meet-growl. Either way, this male and female bobcat speak volumes from the heart. Or whatever.

7. Up a Tree

Ever heard that squirrel or chipmunk chatter when they think a threat is near? In this case, the chatter was a very bad idea.

8. Pole Cat

Mary Mitchell, Bates’ first female graduate, replied this way when offered a scholarship: “Give it to the brethren. I can take care of myself.”

When the electric company was dispatched to “rescue” this bobcat from atop a utility pole, no one told the bobcat that it needed help.

9. All Mauling and No Play Makes Bob a Dull Cat

We couldn’t find a clip of a bobcat using an old-style jungle gym. Nor did we try, ’cause we hated jungle gyms.

10. Capital ‘B’ Bobcats vs. Unsuspecting Foes

And finally, a clip of our capital “B” human Bobcats in action, specifically the women’s basketball team and their amazing last-second heroics to force overtime vs. Roger Williams in the first round of the NCAA Division III Women’s Basketball Championship game on March 4.

Ariana Dalia ’22 of Brick, N.Y., is the Bobcat hustling to recover a loose ball, and that’s fellow Bobcat Mia Roy of Bedford, N.H., hitting the three-pointer to force overtime, with Bates coming away victorious.

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