One of three captains on the Bates women’s lacrosse team, Isla Cotter ’24 of Hanover, N.H., was mic’d up during a recent practice on Garcelon Field, where she keeps things loose for her Bobcats.

That’s what senior leadership has always looked like for Bobcat teams: keeping things chill, but also knowing when the team needs to focus.

“I didn’t know Vanessa Hudgens was pregnant,” Cotter says while waiting in line during a drill. “But after this, we really have to lock in and focus.”

Video by Aaron Morse/Bates College

Funny and informative, Cotter is here there and everywhere during practice, candidly sharing the best and worst parts of practice. Plus tips!

“Life hack,” she offers. “If you brush your teeth before molding your mouth guard, it tastes like mint.” Good to know!

And she’s self-deprecating. “My brother was like, “Isla, you can’t be annoying on [mic’d up],” she tells her teammates.

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