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"This message is more than just three words. To grow, evolve, and transform means to accept and embrace the path you were meant to be on in order to grow as an individual and change the world around you."Thank you for this opportunity! I hope this can reach people. Let me know if you need anything else. “Sincerely,Elena Valle ’25 of Damascus, Md.Join us for Free Press on Friday, October 1st from 3:00pm-5:00pm outside of the Benjamin Mays Center.Printmaking at Free Press involves rolling ink out onto stamps carved by a variety of talented Bates artists and using those stamps to make designs on the canvas of your choice. We’ll provide limited quantities of paper, fabric masks, and canvas tote bags to print on, you bring whatever else is in need of artistic embellishment (t-shirts? jean jackets? your roommate’s bedspread?). No prior art experience or skill is necessary—we’ll have artists there to guide you through the printmaking process.
Free Press: printmaking and social justice amidst peppy pop music

Friday, October 8, 2021 11:43 am

Outside the Benjamin E. Mays Center, students traded compliments and encouragement — all the while creating social justice prints — as the Bates "Stringfellows" held their third Free Press printmaking event.

Bill Tucker ’66 and his wife of 31 years, Monica Drozd renew their vows at the Keigwin Amphitheatre on Friday, Sept. 24, in a ceremony officiated by Tucker’s classmate Bill Hiss ’66 and witnessed by Leadership Gift Officers Cary Gemmer Blake ’07 and Rebecca Lazure, both of Advancement. Also present was Colleen Quint ’86 and BCO writer Jen Wright.Hiss writes: “Bill and I had adjoining rooms in what is now Turner House in 1965-6, and have been clise friends ever since. Bill’s Bates story is a fascinating and very unconventional one…He first arrived in the late 1950’s, and with 4 years in between of active duty as an Army MP, finished in 1967. He then set a speed record for a Princeton Ph.D. In psychometrics, and moved into Camden, NJ, where he spent his entire career as a Psychology prof at Rutgers Camden. He wrote some masterful scholarly books both on the use of testing (an interest we have shared for decades), and on the hidden work of truly nasty right-wing foundations. To say that Bill has a lifelong commitment to racial and social justice is a big understatement.”“His Bates and family story is powerfully American: his paternal grandfather deserted from the Czar’s army as a Jewish conscript and walked from the Caucasus to Rotterdam to get a boat to America. His mother’s family, Viennese Jewish intellectuals, got out of Austria barely ahead of the Gestapo. Bill’s use of his Bates education has been masterful, and his philanthropic support goes to issues of racial justice, including some quiet support of bringing minority students from Camden to see Bates.”
At Lake Andrews, wedding vows reaffirmed among treasured Bates friends

Thursday, September 30, 2021 12:25 pm

When Bill Tucker ’67 and Monica Drozd decided to renew their wedding vows, they knew exactly where they wanted to be, and who they wanted to be with.