Bates Magazine – Summer 2009


Bates Magazine cover - Summer 2009

f-lounsb-lead-1309The Wounds of War

Army physician Dave Lounsbury ’72, a veteran of Iraq, brings the war home

hlb_a231604-thRock Steady

Geology and kayaking — but no coasting — for “Dyk’s Armada”

f-genova-0104Still Lisa

Lisa Genova ’92 just wanted to honor her grandmother. What she did was write a best-selling novel about Alzheimer’s

alibrahimcAbroad Experience

Photographs from study abroad hint at the space between knowledge and experience

bourque-3700Bare Bones

In ancient fish bones, archeologist Bruce Bourque and geochemist Beverly Johnson find a contemporary story.

f-gilmore-1567Break on Through

The art world is watching as Kate Gilmore ’97 makes audacious videos about battling barriers.

Quad Angles

Postcards from Bates