Titles of Past Religious Studies Theses

Name (2018) Thesis Title and Advisor
Ezra Oliff-Lieberman The past isn’t dead.  It isn’t even past:  An Exploration of Jewish-Israeli (Dis)Engagement with the Nakba or The Israeli Case for Reparations – Professor Baker
Joshua Moise-Silverman Jewish Ethical Reflections on the Promises and Challenges of Emerging Reproductive Technologies – Professor Baker
Name (2017) Thesis Title and Advisor
Benjamin Tonelli The Parable of the Good Samaritan and the Responsibility of the Modern Neighbor – Professor Bruce
Kelsey Pearson The Hero’s Journey and Soul Retrieval Therapy – Professor Baker
Audrey Puleio “Spiritual-Environmental Responsibility: Emotional Connection to Nature as Seen in Avatar” – Professor Melnick
Fatima Saidi The Evolution of Politics, Religion, and their Relationship in the Modern Middle East (1900-2016) – Professor Akhtar
Name (2016) Thesis Title and Advisor
Norberto Diaz, III A Scientific Soul:  Creating Dialogue Between Science and Religion in Order to Achieve a Holistic View – Professor Tracy
Peter Novello The Science of Religion:  A Catholic and Tibetan Buddhist Comparison – Professor Tracy
Kathryn Ortega Creating a Better World by Imagining a Way to Create Religious Harmony – Professor Tracy
Alex Tritell Divine Commands in the Akedah:  Religious Extremism and the Model of Faith – Professor Tracy
Wendy Hermans Goldman We’re Still Jews: 21st Century Jewish Identity Reflected in the Humor of Transparent, Broad City, and Sarah Silverman – Professor Baker
Esperanza Au Gilbert Hidden in Plain Sight:  Married Orthodox Jewish Women and the Practice of Wig Wearing as Head Covering – Professor Baker
Emilie Muller The Conquest Narrative of Joshua 1-12:  Ideological Strategies, Morality, and Modern Implications – Professor Baker
Ahmed Sheikh Politics of (Mis)Representation:  Film Narratives of Somalia Deconstructed – Professor Akhtar
Name (2015) Thesis Title and Advisor
Adina Brin Modern American Jews, Collective Victimhood, and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Professor Baker
Julia Ofman Munis Tekinalp’s “Ten Commandments”:  An examination of Jewish Turkification in the Early Republic and Its Ambivalent Legacy in Contemporary Turkey – Professor Baker
Emma Lindsay How Eve Set Humanity Free From the Garden:  Connecting the Feminine Divine through Eve’s Desire for Wisdom – Professor Baker
Eliza Kaplan Choosing the Chosen People.  Jewish Identification Among Intermarried Families in America – Professor Baker
Joseph Marques-Falk The Jhānas: A Comparison of Teachings on Absorption Concentration in the Theravadan Tradition – Professor Strong
Henry Nguyen The Negative Impacts of Deforestation on Wildlife in China – Professor Strong
Hollis Graham Safford The Jackson Creed – Professor Bruce
Alison Rose Kimball The Problem of Evil – Professor Tracy
Name (2014) Thesis Title and Advisor
Charles Donahue The Immaculate Reception:  An Examination of Religious Symbolism in Sports – Professor Bruce
Claire Kershko The Problem of Evil:  An Examination of the Classical and Neoclassical Conceptions of God in Consideration of the Problem of Evil – Professor Tracy
Madeline Landry In the EMptiness of Non-Being:  An Exposition of Classical and Neoclassical Theism – Professor Tracy
Name (2013) Thesis Title and Advisor
Maggie Dembinski Theology in Recovery from Abuse and Addiction – Professor Baker
Natalie Shribman Israel as a Divided State:  Discrimination Against Reform Jews and Converts in Israel – Professor Baker
Remy Albert Gush Emunim and Neturei Karta:  An Analysis of Contending Models of Jewish Masculinity in Israel – Professor Baker
Julia Hanlon Thomas Merton in Dialogue with Buddhism – Professor Strong
Katharine Nixon Mountains and Mandalas:  An Exploration of an Axis Mundi in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition – Professor Strong
Alison Travers The Theological and Political Debate on Family Planning and its Fruition in Egyptian Society – Professor Akhtar
Name (2013) Thesis Title and Advisor
Rashad Rose A More Perfect Union:  Beyond The Speech – Professor Bruce
Name (2012) Thesis Title and Advisor
Lizzie Leung Too Easy Being Green:  Global Shangri-la and Green Orientalism in China’s Tibet – Professor Strong
Ronny Ead Finding Your Path:  A Practical Comparison of the Samatha and Bare Insight Approaches to Nirvana – Professor Strong
Elana Leopold Ijtihad:  Searching for a Missing Definition – Professor Schomburg
Jadria Cincotta The Dualisms of Paul – Professor Baker
Zoe Bryan A Case for War:  Just War Theory as Applied to the 2003 United States Invasion of Iraq – Professor Tracy
Maria King The Mysticism of St. Teresa of Avila – Professor Tracy
Joseph P. Drinkwater Sporting Proportionality:  Title IX’s Effect on High School and Collegiate Male Athletes – Professor Bruce
Jadria Concetta Lineberger Cincotta The Dualisms of Paul – Professor Baker
Name (2011) Thesis Title and Advisor
Phoebe Dixon Mormon Evangelism in the 21st Century – Professor Bruce
Juliana Kirkland Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose – Professor Bruce
Name (2010) Thesis Title and Advisor
Julia Bedell From Mirra Alfassa to the Mother: Tracing the Path of a Modern Spiritual Icon – Professor Schomburg
David Curley Mutual Understanding –
Lindsay Thomson Tracing the Path of the Snow Lion:  Tibetan Nationalism and the Dalai Lama’s Dilemma – Professor Strong
Jared Bok Contextualization of the Gospel to Muslims and its Implications for Christian-Muslim Relations – Professor Schomburg
Brandon Cooper Gush Emunim: Religious Zionism and Its Impact on the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process – Professor Baker
Beau Jack Sunil Dahms The Evolution of Jeremiad Discourse throughout American History; John Winthrop, The Rev. Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr., and Barack Obama – Professor Bruce
Michael S. Tetler The Liturgical Ideal of the Tractarian Movement – Professor Bruce
Thomas Daniel Beaton, Jr. The Decline of African Americans in Baseball – Professor Bruce
Name (2009) Thesis Title and Advisor
Robert Friedlander Competing Views of Islam:  Osama bin Laden and Khaled Abou el Fadl on What It Means to Be a Good Muslim in the Twenty-First Century – Professor Schomburg
Benjamin Horgan Spiritual Awakenings:  Alcoholics Anonymous, Storytelling, and the Logic of Gift Exchange – Professors Bruce and Swan Tuite
Manuela Odell Recreation of Africa as the “Holy Land”:  Case Study of Candomblé – Professor Bruce
Rose Schwab Systems of Dominance and Submission:  From Biblical Narratives to Faith Communities – Professor Baker
Shawki Ta’lib White Religion of the Streets:  Forming a Unique Image and Understanding of God, Expressing It through Hip Hop – Professor Bruce
Name (2008) Thesis Title and Advisor
Victoria Libby Muslim Veiling Since the 1970’s:  Veiling as a Vehicle Towards Greater Mobility and Autonomy – Professor Schomburg
Name (2007) Thesis Title and Advisor
Ross Allard The Vision of a Warrior:  Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Naropa University – Professor Strong
Alicia Hanson Lost in the Woods:  Jack Kerouac and the  American Buddhist Landscape – Professor Strong
Nils Johnson Intending Hip Hop Through Phenomenology –
Matthew Ziino Examining the Politics of Islam – A Reinterpretation of Islam and Democracy –
Veronica Helppie Yoga:  A Cultural Analysis of History and Practice – Professor Strong
Elizabeth Shaftal Cohen Villain, Hero, and Jew:  Examining Representations and Characterizations of Judas Iscariot – Professor Bruce
Amadi Sulaiman Cisse Returning to The “Door of No Return” – Professor Bruce
Name (2006) Thesis Title and Advisor
Sarah Mengel Transitions in Jihad’s Redefinition:  Modernity’s Challenge to Tradition – Professor Tracy
Cami Dyson The Structure and Themes Found in Modern Myth:  An analysis of Neil Gaiman’s Comic Book:  The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes – Professor Bruce
Meg Joyce When Nails Don’t Hang:  An Examination of How Jesus Hung on the Cross – Professor Allison
Anthony Solaqua The Holy Madness:  A Review of a Particular Form of Religious Madness:  Pentecostalism – Professor Bruce
Name (2005) Thesis Title and Advisor
Kristen Johnson Reflections on Religious Studies Curriculums – A Guide to Effectively Teaching Religion in the University – Professor Bruce
Haley Lieberman God and the Problem of Evil:  A Post-Holocaust Theodicy – Professor Tracy
C. Alexander Schindel What Happens When Jesus is Number 1 in the Box Office? – Professor Bruce
Sarahbelle Marsh Holy Ground – Professor Bruce
Name (2004) Thesis Title and Advisor
Justin Kyle Platten Does Race Matter in the Hiring Process of NFL Head Coaches? – Professor Bruce
Name (2001) Thesis Title and Advisor
Stacey Lynn Berkowitz Wrestling With G-d Defining Jewish Identity in Modern Day Hungary and Poland – Professor Bruce and Professor Caspi
Samantha Dahan The American Flag in Black Protest Art – Professor Bruce