Bates Funding – 
Barlow Endowment for Study Abroad
Juniors and seniors can return to their study-abroad location for thesis research. Grants of up to $2,000 available. A couple of other funding opportunities are also available through the Barlow Fund. Visit the website or contact Darren Gallant/Jennifer Hyde for more information.
Phillips Fellowships for Students
Students can apply to conduct research in a setting that is culturally distinct from their background and life experiences. The committee awards $4,000-$6,000 for 8-10 week projects. Professor Alison Melnick Dyer is on the selection committee and can offer advice.

Summer Research Grants and Fellowships
Bates offers several summer funding opportunities. Read about them on here or contact Kerry O’Brien for more information.  

National Funding
Thomas J. Watson Fellowship
Design a passion-project and get funded for a year to travel outside the US. The Watson is whatever you want it to be. Contact Professor Robert Strong to get started. 

Research/study/teach/arts in one country abroad for a year. Contact Professor Robert Strong for details. 

Boren Scholarships
Study abroad (except for Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) with a strong focus on language learning. Only open to US citizens. Contact Darren Gallant for more information. 

Critical Language Scholarship
Intensive overseas language learning and cultural immersion. Fifteen languages offered. Open to American students. Contact Darren Gallant or Jennifer Hyde for more information. 

DAAD Grants and Scholarships
Graduate study/research/internships/language study funding for Germany. 

Fulbright UK Summer Institutes
3-4 week programmes in the UK for US citizens. Only sophomores are eligible. 

Gilman Scholarship
Study/intern abroad. For Federal Pell Grant recipients only. 

Luce Scholars Program
Professional placement and language study in Asia. Open to US citizens and permanent residents. Only seniors are eligible. The foundation also has specific initiatives for Religious Studies related projects. Check the website for further details. 

Mitchell Scholarship
One year of graduate studies in Ireland. Open to US citizens only. 

Beinecke Scholarship (Graduate School Funding)
Juniors can apply to fund Master’s or PhD programs anywhere in the world. Only open to US citizens and nationals. Applicants must receive financial aid at Bates to be eligible. Contact Professor Robert Strong for more information. 

Scholarships for graduate studies in the UK
For graduate studies at the University of Oxford. Available in multiple countries.

For graduate studies at the University of Cambridge. Available to any non-UK citizens.

Marshall Scholarships
Open to US citizens only. Seniors are eligible. Institution and subject unrestricted.