Bates Alma Mater

Words by Irving H. Blake 1911; Music by Hubert P. Davis 1912

Here’s to Bates, our Alma Mater dear,
Proudest and fairest of her peers;
We pledge to her our loyalty,
Our faith and our honor thru the years.

Long may her praises resound.
Long may her daughters and sons exalt her name.
May her glory shine while time endures,
Here’s to our Alma Mater’s fame.

We have seen her battles bravely fought,
Prowess and pluck upon the field —
We have known defeat and victory,
Yet we were never known to yield.
Here’s to the Garnet, Hurrah!
Here’s to the pluck that shall not fail.
To our Bates and all she means to us,
Here’s to our Alma Mater, Hail!

The Deansmen

The Bates Concert Band

The Bates Orchestra and Choir

The Bates Choral Society