STEAM Power is an engaging curricular resource linking Art to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math K-12 curriculum, using the collections and exhibitions of the Bates College Museum of Art.  STEAM Power features Common Core-aligned lessons, videos exploring the connections between the Art and STEM disciplines, interviews with artists and STEM professionals, and a gallery of images selected from the museum’s permanent collection. Additionally, habits common among the STEM and Art fields, including creativity, perseverance, research, and communication, are highlighted in the lessons.  By including Art as an equal partner to the STEM fields, STEAM Power highlights the interconnectivity between the arts and sciences so that students can gain a richer, fuller, practical understanding of how work in one field can benefit—and benefit from—work in other fields.  STEAM Power is about harnessing knowledge for creative problem solving that opens gateways to new challenges. By presenting this interdisciplinary approach early in students’ educational endeavors, we hope to encourage students to broaden their own horizons with respect to problem solving in order to become the innovators of the future.

Laurie Hogin, Watering Hole (Social Species in the Late Anthropocene), 2017, oil on canvas, 26 1/2 x 32 inches.  Gift of the Artist.