Summit Schedule 2004

A Celebration of Student Academic Achievement
Friday, April 2, 2004
2:30-2:45 PM Perry Atrium Call to the Summit
Te Deum, Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1634-1704)
Bates Brass Quintet:  Timothy Cooke ’04, trumpet; Jeffrey Kazin ’04, trumpet; Amy Saffer, horn; Alexander Smith ’06, trombone; Patrick Galligan ’07, tuba
Elaine Tuttle Hansen, President
Jamil Zraikat ’05, President, Bates College Student Government
Jill N. Reich, Dean of the Faculty
Ongoing Perry Atrium and Pettengill Lobby Fourth Annual Off-Campus Study Photography Exhibit
Pettengill G52 and The Ronj A Journey of 10,000 Li:  Bates FSA in China
Pettengill G65 Snapshots of Lewiston: Grace Fei Liu ’06
Concurrent Session I
2:45-4:00 PM Perry Atrium Poster Session I
Presenters from biochemistry, biology, environmental studies, math, and political science/women’s and gender studies
2:45-4:15 PM Pettengill G21 Social Inequality, Social Change, and Social Responsibility
Emily Barko ’04: Narratives of Anorexia: A Qualitative Analysis
Elizabeth Jackson ’04: The Role of NGOs in the Emergence of Transnational Social Movements: A Look at the Movement Opposing the Free Trade Area of the Americas
Tanya Schwartz ’04: The ABCs of Success: The Effects of Parents, Schools, and Communities on Young Children’s Academic Achievement
Heather Tompkins 04: Pathways Home: Aftercare for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
Kara Stenback ’05: Endowment Management in Higher Education
Emily Kane, professor of sociology, moderator

Pettengill G52 Individuals, Communities, and the Environment
Rachel Booty ’04: Soil Lead Determinations in Three Urban Community Gardens, Lewiston, Maine
Morgan Patterson ’04: The Creation and Development of a Climbing Ethic in New England
Christopher Urban ’04: Managing People and Wilderness in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont: A Study of Constructive Conservation Policy
Andrew Whitaker ’04: Miad na sine, the Strength of the Storm: Gaelic Songs and Nature in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Rachel Austin, associate professor of chemistry, moderator
Pettengill G54 Economic Opportunity in Developing Countries
Tahsin Alam ’04:  Microcredit as a System for Poverty Alleviation
Pettengill G63 Las Dimensiones de las Diasporas latinoamericanas/ The Dimensions of Latin American Diasporas
Eduardo Crespo ’04: Parlando, the Illegal Italian: Diasporas and Globalization from Below
Julio Guevara ’07: The Necessity of Exile in the Poetry of Manuel Luna
Sara Gusky ’07: Seasons of Emotion in Pablo Neruda’s “El barco de los adioses”
Elizabeth Irvine-McDermott ’04: The Natural World as an Alternative “Home” for the Exiled
Felicia Fahey, assistant professor of Spanish, moderator
Pettengill G65 Cultural Crossroads:  Health Care, Education, and Tourism
Erin Bednarek ’05: Health in Samoa
Jason Rafferty ’05: Siofua Malōlōina: Bringing “Health” to Samoa’s Rural Villages
Julie Gage ’04: Acculturation of Somali Students in the ELL Classroom at Lewiston High School
Jesse Lewin ’04: Interactions between Somali Secondary Migrants and Physicians in Lewiston, Maine: An Ethnographic Field Study in Refugee Health Care and Cultural Competency
Valerie Wicks ’04: The Search for Authenticity: Cultural Tourism in Ghana
Heather Lindkvist, lecturer in anthropology, moderator
Concurrent Session II
4:30-5:45 PM Perry Atrium Poster Session II
Presenters from biochemistry, biology, chemistry, classical and medieval studies, environmental studies, math, neuroscience, and psychology
4:30-6:00 PM Pettengill G21 Attitudes, Behaviors and Theory:  Can We Talk?
Samara Khalique ’04: Psychosocial Attributes as a Predictor of Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors in Females
Saul Miller ’04: The Effect of Processing Goals on the Memory of Ambiguous Behaviors
Katherine Papadonis ’04: Early Head Start: The Benefits of Family-Style Meals
Claire Schneider ’04: Why Do Adolescent Boys and Girls Differ in Their Experiences of Aggression?  An Investigation through the Lens of Self-Construal Theory
Kathryn Graff Low, professor of psychology, moderator
Pettengill G52 Place and the Sacred in Poetry and Song
Sarah Tressel ’04: Comfort and Discomfort: Revisiting Ghana through Poetry
Renée Blacken ’05: Singing in the Primitive Baptist Church in Southern Appalachia, with music by Northfield: Renee Blacken ’05; Henry Blackford ’06; Megan Fortin ’07; Paul Heckler ’06; Mirka Hlavacova ’07; Stuart Johnson ’06; Benjamin Kercsmar ’04; Nicholas Klinovsky ’06; Sarah Mazur ’06; Taegan McMahon ’07; Jessica Ricker ’07; Gregory Rosenthal ’05; Sarah Sprague ’07; Katharine Trautz ’04; Robert Allison, professor of religion; Gregory Boardman, instructor of folk fiddling
Robert Allison, professor of religion
Pettengill G54 Ancient Threads in Modern Texts
Sarah Connell ’04: Hero and Goddess
Jennifer Hanley ’05: The Perversion of Ritual in the Iliad
Martha Horan ’04: The Western Flower, Shakespeare’s Mulberry Tree:  An Ovidian Analysis of A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Jennifer McGill ’04: Female Characters in Greek and Noh Drama
Henry Walker, lecturer in classics and classical and medieval studies, moderator
Pettengill G63 Probing Scientific Systems
Jeffrey Levinson ’04: New Variables for Quantum Interference
Aaron Putnam ’04: Recent Sedimentation of a Transect of High Arctic Isolation Basins; Queen Elizabeth Islands Archipelago, Nunavut, Canada
Pamela Baker, professor of biology and associate dean of the faculty, moderator
Pettengill G65 Race, Religion, and Class in Historical Inquiry
Grace Fei Liu ’06:  Snapshots of Lewiston
Cali Lanza-Weil ’06: Twenty Years of Hillel at Bates
Timothy Larson ’05: The Abolitionist Roots of Oren B. Cheney, the Founder of Bates
Darcy York ’05: Child Labor in Lewiston’s Mills
Bradley Proctor ’04: What Say Banjer? The Shared Black and White Banjo Traditions of the American South
Joseph Hall, assistant professor of history, moderator
Evening Sessions
8:00 PM Olin Concert Hall Bates College Orchestra:  Works by Frank and Mozart
Featuring Cass Panuska ’04, soprano, and Frank Glazer, artist-in-residence, piano
Gannett Theater, Pettigrew Hall Senior thesis performance: The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe Saida Cooper ’04